Tiger Blood

Seeing as I have lost track of the days lately, it came to much surprise to discover that I am presently on day twenty four of thirty. At this point in the Whole30 one is supposed to be experiencing “Tiger Blood”, as dictated by the Whole30 timeline. This includes new found energy, a reduction in cravings and – I quote- you are generally more awesome. To be honest, I don’t quite find my situation congruent with that of Tiger Blood. I certainly have less cravings as well as a smaller tolerance to sweets. A couple of weeks ago, I pureed dates with hot water and could not stop eating it (gross, I know) while last night I had a scant amount and found myself thinking it too sweet.

One component of Tiger Blood that is absent is the “endless energy”. Presently I am still exhausted most days, sleeping poorly and not having quite as successful workouts as I would like. Perhaps this is not a product of the Whole30 at all, but rather a result of my shift work schedule. That, or it could be due to the “winter blues”. Or maybe it’s just me. Regardless of the present outcome, I would be interested to complete this challenge again during the summer months, when the weather is warm and spirits high.

While the timeline suggests that days sixteen to twenty seven are “Tiger Blood”, it also mentions that during day twenty one people become “over” the Whole30. They’re three weeks in and getting bored of Whole30 compliant  foods, especially eggs. Personally I am not bored at all! I was looking at my Whole30 Pinterest board and realized that I am going to have to continue trying these recipes post-Whole30, as there is simply too many for thirty days. Especially cooking for myself, I usually prepare a dish that lasts two- three days.

In addition to my Whole30 board on Pinterest, I have started collecting Paleo recipes. For those of you who are not familiar with the Paleo diet, here is a breakdown:

Image result for paleo diet

In my first blog post, I had stated that I never believed in dieting and listed Paleo diets as an example. My reason being is this: last year I was completing my consolidation (necessary for becoming a nurse) on a rehabilitation unit. I can think of four nurses- off the top of my head- who went through at least two different diets in my three months there. One nurse in particular spent at least ten minutes of our night shift telling me about her Paleo diet and how beneficial it is. She had me intrigued and we looked up recipes. Later in that shift, we were all tired. One of the nurses pulled out baked goods that were not Paleo compliant. What did that nurse do? She reached across that table and ate one of the treats!

At the end of the day, I believe it is important to eat what you want and not limit yourself, which is a concept that has taken me a long time to realize. That being said, if you take the time to talk about your diet with someone then cheat right in front of them, I am probably going to judge you. Not only that, but I am probably going to judge the diet as well. While that memory still irks me, I believe that moving forward I would be interested in following a Paleo based diet.

From completing this Whole30, I have become disgusted by the amounts of added  sugars in foods. It’s unnecessary. Even if I don’t end up committing to being Paleo, I will certainly be conscientious of food labels and know exactly what I am consuming.


As odd as it may sound, I have had my vegetable cravings. Some mornings I wake up, and make a plant based breakfast. Perhaps a salad with egg and avocado or a vegetable “hash”. In the past, my stomach had not tolerated so much vegetables early in the morning. At the time, I never made the connection but rather attributed my upset stomach to my gut problems. This morning however, I realized that perhaps it is the vegetables.img_1853

Most mornings, I have made breakfasts that incorporate some sort of vegetable into the base. During the Whole30 I have grated carrots or zucchini into my breakfast bowls or carrots into my sweet potato casseroles ect. This morning, I found a zoodle breakfast bowl on Pinterest. Inspired, I poached a couple of eggs and topped them on zucchini/carrot noodles with an avocado-spinach dressing. While it tasted quite good, my stomach disagreed.


In the future, I think I’d better not eat solely vegetable based breakfasts, but rather add vegetables as a side.

Let’s Taco’bout It

With a past history of gut sensitivities I have unfortunately had to limited one of my favourite cuisines: Mexican. Black beans, corn, cumin, avocado, you name it and those ingredients would be incorporated into a dish. With such gut sensitivities, I have had to find alterations to Mexican dishes, finding what works best for me. As you all know, I am a bit of a salad queen so naturally I am keen on tacos in the salad form, also known as a taco salad. img_1857

In preparing these taco salads, I omitted both cheese and tortilla chips to comply with the Whole30. Rather than using ground beef, I used ground turkey and cooked it in a Whole30 Taco Seasoning. Some people would assume that store bought taco seasoning is compliant, however that pesky corn starch is present on the label of the non-name brand I found in my cupboard. Many recipes on Pinterest used plantain chips as an alternative to tortilla chips, something that I thought was unnecessary. As I had a coupon to bulk barn, I decided to buy some and see what the fuss was all about. Well I certainly had no regrets, as it turns out plantain chips essentially taste like potato chips, but are apparently healthier and more “whole”.

Having never even heard of plantain chips before, I researched the nutritional facts. One website provided me with information in comparison to regular potato chips.

  Plantain Chips Regular Potato Chips
Calories 300 300
Daily Energy 15% 15%
Carbohydrate 36 g 29 g
Fat 17 g 21 g
Fibre 8-12% 2-4%
Vitamin A 34% 0
Vitamin C 18 mg 11mg
Vitamin E 2.8 mg 3.8 mg
Sodium 8% 18%
Potassium 446 mg 931 mg

As you can see, plantain chips really aren’t significantly superior to potato chips. They both are essentially fried fats with little nutrients or substance. To be honest, I feel quite less excited about the plantain chips having now researched them, and probably will not be putting a significant amount on my taco salad. img_1858

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