A Little Behind

Why did the Sweet Potato cross the road?

As I come to day sixteen of the Whole30 (I apologize for skipping over day fifteen) I have comprised a list of items that have been my saving grace (Sorry if that is too dramatic Brent and Emerson, but it’s true!) With limiting many of my usual go-to foods, I have had to make improvisations and figure out what works for me. Many Whole30 bloggers provide recipes for things such as mayo, barbecue sauce or ketchup, claiming that they wouldn’t have made it through the thirty days without it. Having not used mayo previously, I have lived the past two weeks without it, as well as most sauces. That being said, there are some staple food items that have made the past two weeks possible.

  1. Avocado: as you all know by now, the Whole30 focuses on fat- for- fuel as opposed to carbohydrates. This is challenging as oftentimes I look at my meals and immediately  know that I am missing a fat component. Many online forums suggest adding a palmful of nuts, some type of oil or avocado. My favourite way of using avocado is by blending it with cumin, salt/ pepper, water, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. I then drizzle it on top as a dressing or sauce.
  2. Thai Kitchen Lite Coconut Milk: If you haven’t looked up Whole30 recipes then you wouldn’t know that coconut milk is in everything and anything. Soup, chili, Sheppard’s pie. You name it. Not only is coconut milk naturally flavourful, but it is also a source of fat. I have been using it in my n’oatmeal bowls, chia seed puddings and curry. When compared to the regular coconut milk, this lite version has about 15% less fat and therefore less calories as well.    
  3. Sweet Potatoes: In case you are all wondering why the sweet potato crossed the road: it saw a fork up ahead. HA HA. Anyways, I have never consumed as many sweet potatoes as I have these past few weeks. In breakfast casseroles? Why not. My roommate recently purchased an active fry, which is essentially a healthy deep fryer. All it takes is a drizzle of olive oil and about twenty minutes for you to have perfectly roasted sweet potatoes. We also put cauliflower, brussel sprouts and other veggies in it as well.
  4. Almond Butter: This Christmas my family and I prepared a wish list on elfster.com to help aid in picking presents for our secret santa. I personally put almond butter on mine, knowing that it was something I wouldn’t buy for myself. After almost going through an entire jar of it in sixteen days, I decided to stock up when Shopper’s Drug Mart had a 340 mL jar on sale for 4.99 (almost 50% off the regular price). I can’t even begin to list what I use it for because the possibilities are endless. It can be paired with both sweet and savoury options, incorporated into batter/sauces or drizzled on top. I recently researched the difference between almond butter and peanut butter wondering if one was more superior than the other in the health department. While both butters are equal in terms of sugar and calories, almond butter has more vitamins, minerals and fibers. That being said, peanut butter has slightly more protein than almond butter.
  5. Apples: I have developed a bit of an apple addiction. Prior to the Whole30, I mainly consumed bananas in my oatmeal every morning and that was about it fruit wise. Now however, I find myself having apples in my n’oatmeal or with sweet potatoes, as I genuinely just can’t seem to get enough of them! That being said, I have ensured that I am conscientious of my fruit intake, aiming to have about one to two servings per day.

Round Two

Are you surprised to hear that I tried making the Sweet Potato Apple bake once again? It seems that once I make something and identify areas of improvement, I want to carry those out asap. This time, I used the processor blade to chop my potatoes and apples in the food processor. img_1795-1

The outcome was more consistent with that of corn meal as it was grainy. Using three eggs this time, I baked it in the oven for about thirty minutes. While my dish resembled the photo on the recipe, it was boring. In comparison, I preferred the hashbrown-like texture of my first attempt far better as each flavour was more individual.

Dinner Party

Today I had the pleasure of hosting my friends Brittany (whom you have already heard about) and Anna, who was surprising her boyfriend for the weekend. Excited to be hostess (as I haven’t done much hosting since I moved in), I spent quite some time brainstorming meal ideas that they would enjoy. If you’ve read most of my blog posts, you probably know that many Whole30 foods sound strange. I don’t want to impose my strange foods upon people, so I decided to keep it simple with making chili.

I have rarely made chili in my life. Not only are beans upsetting to my stomach, but I personally have never been keen on the dish. Since this journey is about being adventurous, I decided to give it a shot. Loosely following two recipes, I transformed this chili into my own.

Initially, I was nervous as I portioned my friends each a scoop. Not only had I made up the recipe, but I also had not taste tested it. I’m assuming the result was good, as Brittany asked me for the recipe! (Please don’t hate me for posting this photo!!)

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